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Pineapple Markiii User Guide

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Well my whole thing is when are they going to have the new ones come out. I really would like to buy one. At the moment i'm trying to read on it before I get it. that way i could undestand how it works. I'm a little confuse on one thing. After watching the videos of darren at the airport and stuff. I notice he has the pineapple connected to his laptop. I get that all the other laptop , and device will connect to the pineapple. But does your laptop have to be connected to the ssid to give those device who are connecting to the pineapple internet access?

if you're playing the man in the middle I guess you would have to be running wireshark to catch all the urls and, passwds correct? it would be nice to have some videos once you get it, and how it works. I know when i bought the alfa card the dvd was the best thing to help me understand how it worked, and the examples Darren had.

I been waiting to buy my first pineapple, but does anyone know when they might have them in stock again?

You dont connect to the ssid of the pineapple. Your laptop is connected to a (non pineapple) access point via its internal wifi adapter to get internet to the laptop. The pineapple is then plugged in via ethernet cable to the laptop. Configure laptop (if in linux, run ./wp3.sh from wifipineapple.com for easy mode) for ICS (internet connection sharing) thereby bridging your laptops wifi adapter internet through to the ethernet port on the laptop, and over to the pineapple. The pineapple then creates its own access point and begins pineappleing the world around you.


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