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^m In Config Files On Mark Iii

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The Config menu on the Mark III makes it easy to update a variety of config files. Unfortunately the way PHP is writing to those files it is adding additional linebreaks which are showing up as ^M when seen in vi (but not the config page or cat).

Here's a little more on the problem: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20001206164827794

Adding $newdata = preg_replace('/\r/', "\n", $newdata); after the { on line 18 of config.php would solve the issue, except that the version of PHP on the Mark III doesn't support PCRE or Perl Compatible Regular Expressions.

So while I'm researching a way to solve this for the upcoming 1.0.2 update, I'm wondering if any PHP gurus out there know of the tops of their heads how to do the same without using the preg_replace() function. Perhaps ereg_replace()?

Thanks, appreciate any input. Cheers.

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Not sure if this helps but found this on php.net


// if you are upset with windows' ^M characters at the end of the line,
// these two lines are for you:
$trans = array("\x0D" => "");
$text = strtr($orig_text,$trans);

// note that ctrl+M (in vim known as ^M) is hexadecimally 0x0D



$string = ereg_replace(13,  "", $string);  /* get rid of Ctrl-M */ 

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