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Tiny But Potent Jasager Hardware ? (tp-link Wr703n)

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This awesome wifi router can be flashed with openwrt without issues. It also has USB port so you can install LOTS of openwrt packages because like most such wifi routers it has quite small firmware (4MB flash).

It is also quite powerful with 400Mhz cpu!

Check out details on openwrt wiki:



Atheros AR7240 CPU (400Mhz)

Atheros AR9331 Chipset (integrated wireless)

4 MB flash memory


USB 2.0 port

Powered via micro-USB socket

Tiny form factor: 5.7cm x 5.7cm

Hope somebody builds jasager firmware for this little monster ;)

ps. it uses only around 5W of power so it can run on really small battery for a long time ;)

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ps. it uses only around 5W of power so it can run on really small battery for a long time ;)

I made a mistake, it uses 0.5W not 5W ;)

This router is standardly powered via USB at 5V. The voltage regulator inside is unknown, but its input voltage should be at least between 3.7V - 6V, possibly 8V. Maximum current draw at 5V is 185mA (OpenWrt boot), average current draw with WiFi at 18dBm is 100mA, without WiFi 80mA. Hence the average router power consumption is 0.5W, which is incredibly low.

Power consumption will be higher if a USB device is attached to its USB port!

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