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Monthly Desktops: September


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lol, i think its funny that the people my age have this idea that the not-cool is cool, because it is not cool, and i can tell you who to blame this on:

Napoleon Dynamite. He's so not cool, he's cool. Also that strong bad email from 3 years ago, I'm so cool, you don't even know I'm cool kinda cool.

My generation embraces the plain, the kitsch, the retro that our parents try to avoid.

Astromodder, i think your background is very kickass, if only because I didn't know it was when i first saw it.

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Here is September's desktop. :)

WMP 11 is a piece of crap and the only program that currently exsists that makes better use of Areo then just the window boarder. If you insist on using WMP use version 8 (imposible on Vista). Other wise use some thing much better, like, for example, any thing else.

I have several other alternatives. I didn't feel like changing the default filetypes. What's wrong with WMP 11 again? It plays my MP3s just fine, and I use mplayer classic, or vlc for video playback anyway. I have never been a fan of WMP, but it quickly played my music, so I didn't really think to change.

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