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What does everyone think about all of the Google bashing as of late? Ive seen a good bit of articles titled to the affect of 'Should we stop using google' and such.

but the main question... does anyone have any spare g-mail account invites?

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Personally I like google, but MSN search is pretty damn good actually. The problem with google is that its an etablished system with a cottage industry of crap auto-generated rips of wikipedia content thats sprung up around it. And since google needs money, it has to placate these idiots by failing to remove them from its index.

MSN search on the other hand is probally designed and run by a complete bastard. So if something gets on th index they don't like, its gone. I'm not sure which approach i like the best, but MSN search is kinda good.

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yea if anyone has any extra account invites, it would be appriciated.

and you can sign up for one w/ out an invite but you have to have a phone that can access the interweb... which i do not.


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I use google for my searches because it's easy and it finds the stuff I'm actually looking for. All that other crap however, gmail, that writely thing and such... It sends chills down my spine, just how loud this screams 'data mining galore'. People still tend to trust them to do the right thing because their slogan (or whatever) is to 'not be evil'. Let's see how much of that is left standing then the profits go down and the shareholders start to pressure the company for a bigger piece of the action.

I personally do trust Google right now to be doing the right thing, but I'm still making sure they'll have nothing on or from me should they decide to have a change of heart (or accidentally drop a ton of search statistics out in the open).

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