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AIM and Cain & Abel...


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I recently attempted to show someone why they shouldnt log onto AIM and email accounts at the public library, by way of C&A. It raised a major issue for me: Cain only picks up the password, but the user is always "ae_prod40" or something like that. What stops it picking up the username?

Its not hard to find, just use etjhereal to see who's logged on, but it is weird. Whats going on here?

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Im not incredibly smart when it comes to these things but my guess might be because the aim window has a dropdown box for your name which might make some diffuculty to pick up 1 screen name, espically on a common used computer. Remember that might not make sense at all which it probably doesnt. but yeah thats my shot at it.

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Cain and abel has pre written filters in it to work out which bits of the traffic its 'hearing' is infomation the user of cain may want to see (like all the stuff under the passwords tab in apr)

Its possible AIM has recently changed something in the connection, so that the filter to catch the aim username no longer gets it (as it wont mach the filter rule)

Try ettercap... *cain for linux basically.. but better* it lets you write your own rules.

(ooor as you said just gettit through ethereal)

Thats my guess anyway

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