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Call for voice talent on 2x02

Darren Kitchen

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Ok, as you are probably aware my little accident with the sheet metal has cost us some very needed time in the production department. We leave for Toronto on Wednesday so the show needs to be done and set to render on Tuesday night. We lost a day of production and have no way to make it up. So I'm calling on the community to help with a fun part of the episode.

We need some voice acting for a house ad. Specifically the tshirt ad. The script is:

    "9 out of 10 evil servers recommend hak5 trust your technolust tshirts. get yours today before they get you! (in soviet russia)"

    <fast talk>

    "tshirts available in small through 3 XL, some assembly required, portable moon base not included, jinx dot com and its partners are not affiliated with evil server. [pause] they have servers, they're just not evil. [pause] yet"

    </fast talk>

The above should be about 20-30 seconds. we need an mp3 of wav sent to darren@hak5.org. The best sounding one wins the spot in the episode, your name in the credits, and we'll send you out an autographed postcard of the cast. Deadline is Tuesday by 5:00 pm EDT (-5 gmt). bonus points for creative modifications to the script, and of course awesome accents.

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I did my version

I could do another one. Where i'm speaking bogan

Term bogan means in Australia is to describe a lower class Australian citzien. Whom only wears thongs and tracksuit, Either drives a holden/ford. Likes getting drunk and likes music from Jimmy barnies

Bogan is similar to american southern rednecks

My script would be like that

"Hey how you <beep>going. My mate 'dazza' from hak5 while we met up the other night for few drinks at the local RSL yeaaah ,"

"He told me that bloody uhmm 10 of 9 evilservers recommended hak5 trust your technolust tshirts "

"I told him uhmm"

"WTF an evilserver mate.... Does it play solitare or minesweeper"

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