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Windows Mouse Speed Default


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Hey well im a gamer and i like to use windows mouse speed at 5/11 notches (control panel > mouse) anyway i put it to 5 but after i reboot it resets back to 6 this means before i can start playing cs 1.6 i need to go into control panel > mouse settings and change it. This is very annoying and frustrating.

Anyways do you guys have any solutions?

Like is there a command to set the windows mouse speed and i could use that in an autoexec batch file on boot or something like that?

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It should remember the last used setting I think. Do you have some funky mouse driver or something that wants to decide what's really happening? Something like Logitech control panel or some such.

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obviously i wud do that if i knew what the windows mouse speed = in cs sensitivity. Unfortunatly i dont, unless you know you cant call anyone a noob. So mr. twat, dont fucking flame people , post your own comments or help or have a nice big cup of STFU ill own u in any game "noob"

quake 4

quake 3

warcraft III TFT

CS : S

CS 1.6


Call of duty 1

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Name it i play all those games.

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