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What Do You Guys Think About The Sopa Act


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This is the kind of crap that happens when politicians find the need to "get involved" with things they do not understand. They don't understand how web crawlers work, or basic functionality of search engines for that matter. the time an effort that it would cost to filter all of the content they are looking for would be outrageous. and those fees would eventually lead back to the customer. who's going to pay for the time for these company's to filter these things? surely not the companies themselves. The entire idea is flawed, but I guess its hard to point out a fallacy to someone who doesn't understand the basics of the subject. Are they going to start filtering foreign VPS's too? They've lost the internet, its no longer theirs and they cant just take away the freedom it presents because they don't like a few things about it. Its like if every house was acceptable to a full out raid without any probable cause or warrant just because a small percentage of the houses in the country contain narcotics. Big brother is trying to monitor that which is not theirs to monitor. They're going to need to watch out for freedom fighters, because they don't seem to know what they're getting themselves into.

And thats my small rant on the subject.

with much love


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Looks like just another attempt to segregate the western internet from the rest of the world.

To my understanding, they want to delete DNS entries of questionable sites from other nations that supposedly violate copyright or freedom of speech laws and even go as far as DDOS attacks against them. But what would happen if those other nations started deleting American sites from their ISP's DNS servers? Just seems like it's a 2 way street, while it wouldn't be in their best interests, they could always delete facebook, bank of america, etc. DNS entries and we wouldn't be able to do much about it.

It's also weird to think that China has the largest internet population yet I couldn't tell you the name of the popular Chinese search engine, social networking, etc. These cyber war fear mongers are going to jump out of their business suits when the Chinese start releasing stuff in English.

I think they should just let the internet evolve naturally and forget this non existent "cyber war" nonsense.

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I hope Jack Valenti is turning over in his grave. Congressmen/women are available to the highest bidder. What else is new?

We have stopped purchasing using anything that was not developed under creative commons. That is the best way to shut up the mpaa and ri whatever it is. Just do not spend anymore money on their copyrighted product. No funding means they are powerless. It has worked before. Personally, we have no use for most of the music and videos out today. Most of it is just plain over-hyped and overpriced garbage. We have paid for our media.

Music and video is a copy of someone else's work on occasion. The mpaa and the riaa should be hit with prior art and the products they supports be pulled off the market. Give them some of their own medicine.

Someone pointed out the the website supporting sopa is in alleged violation of sopa itself. No body has a clue.

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This continues to be an infringement on the rights of citizens, regardless of political, social, or cultural differences. As well as taking away the process on innovation from citizens and placing it into the hands of corporate entities who are sponsoring this legislation. Funny how corporate entities would not be where they are today without regular citizens who had the ability to innovate who started and founded the corporations.

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Its just more of the same...a government actively subverting the Constitution and removing the rights of citzens through regulationand legislation.

The government fucks up everything it touches, the Internet will be no different.

They have no business deciding content. Period.

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This article pretty much sums up the stupidity of it, and how its already shutting things down:


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And here's one of SOPA's biggest and most ardent supporters:

Major Internet companies have formed a united front in their opposition to the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. Well, almost. One exception has been the domain registrar GoDaddy. In a op-ed published in Politico shortly after SOPA was introduced in the House, GoDaddy applauded the bill and called opponents "myopic."


We contacted GoDaddy for comment. A spokesman declined to comment on the boycott specifically, but reiterated the firm's support for the legislation. She sent us a link to the company's written testimony to the House Judiciary Committee last month.


The company dismissed free speech concerns.


GoDaddy appears to be doubling down on this position. Today, it reposted its Politico op-ed to the GoDaddy support forums. Comments were disabled.

Eventually GoDaddy was reluctantly forced to back down, after a mass exodus of customers:

Because its support eventually led to a mass exodus of customers, the company faced accusations of purposefully slowing down domain transfers, and even got to the point where it had representatives call users transferring domains, begging them to stay.

The official statement on GoDaddy's Website is rather less convincing:

In changing its position, Go Daddy remains steadfast in its promise to support security and stability of the Internet. In an effort to eliminate any confusion about its reversal on SOPA though, Jones has removed blog postings that had outlined areas of the bill Go Daddy did support.

"Go Daddy has always fought to preserve the intellectual property rights of third parties, and will continue to do so in the future," Jones said.

Or in other words: "We still support SOPA, but we're going to pretend we don't, so we don't lose any customers."

Here's GoDaddy's founder, looking and behaving like a Joe Pesci character in a gangster movie:

Meet GoDaddy’s Ridiculous Elephant-Killing (founder and former) CEO


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