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Pineapple Mkiii Hardware

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if it's an AP51 that kinda disappointing. If it was a dual nic model it would have been nice for some "Interceptor" development. I was really hoping that the MKIII would be dual nic.

Yea not being dual nic is kinda a bummer however I have a new MK3 on order and after seeing the latest episode I am very excited to see what software I can run directly on the pineapple...also Darren hinted about him being interested in putting two together..all good stuff. I'm just excited that Darren is excited, if he is excited/inspired then we can bet we will get some attention at least until the next new "shinny" thing =)

Techno lust is kinda like a fish....we are just swimming along then OOOO SHINNY and off we go =)

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