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how to run php on abyss webserver


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well you will need php5 (would be nice) and follow my steps to configuire it to the abys web server

step1. ok open the control webinterface of abyss.

step2. now click configue on ur server.

step3. click scripting parameters

step4. enable script executions

step5. add interpreter

step6. set interface as fast cgi(local pipes)

step7. now set interpreter so ur php.exe (it could be php-cgi.exe)

step8. check file extension before execution

step9. set type to php style

step10. now add an assosiated extention

step11. in extention field type php

step12. now clcik add custum enviroment varible

step13. in name fild type REDIRECT_STATUS

step14. as a value type 200

step15 now press ok and restart server


hope this helps

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