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Code Breaking Programs Bletchely Park


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Seeing as its 11/11 thought I would post some interesting facts recently coming to light. So if you are into historic computing and code breaking read on.

The cracking of the enigma code machine in WW2 was'nt the entire picture of what actually happen at Bletchely Park. In fact it was only part of the story and there was a second machine in use by the Germans (Hitlers Black Berry) called the lorenz SZ40 and was only cracked due to the creation of the first programmable computer called Colossus. (Which is still working today)

Invented by Tommy Flowers (he improved on an earlier machine called "Heath Robinson" -sic) and a code cracker called Bill Tutte. This is nothing to do with Allan Turing who cracked the simpler Enigma.

Both men sworn to secrecy by the British government, never recognized for what they did in turning the cause of war and saving millions of lives and introduces the world to computers. Both sadly died without their parents or even public ever knowing what they did.

So if you can search for it on your favourite torrent sites (uknova or thebox) look out for "Code Breakers Bletchley Park Lost Heroes" this particular program is very good if you can get it as it actually goes into the detail of how the code was cracked, using a good old piece of chalk and black board.

Failing that look for you tube referring for Tommy Flowers.

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