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Segate Cheetah jumpers?


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Anyone got 2 or 3 jumpers for seagate cheetah ultra320 HDs going spare? I have a couple of discs both set to ID0 and i don't think that a staple and some bluetac is a "viable long term solution".

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I have some of those I think. Once I get home (in Belgium right now) I'll measure them up.

I also have 2 unused Seagate 9GB SCSI harddisks. Not Cheetah by a long shot, but definite potential with regards to compatibility.

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Meh... yeah I've seen those tiny jumpers, they're a pain in the ass to find... I needed some once and luckily found some on the underside of a HDD on the logic board... hope you're lucky enough to find some...

Nice work on the blu-tack and staple though ;)

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