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Hello, first time poster, long time reader.

I recently found a Fon+ that I've flashed with OpenWRT and Jasager v2 as per Darren's guide. I installed the auto-rickrollin feature but my only problem is when I go to test it, my test laptop doesn't automatically connects to my Pineapple.

In available wireless networks I see my SSID (Infected) which my laptop connects too, which is my real network and lower down the list I find an unprotected Infected. I thought Karma was looking for probe packets and would say yes I'm your network and connect automatically. Do I have to work with the white/black list for this to work? My home network uses WPA2.

If I connect to the unprotected Infected, I get rick rolled on every page.

I want to rick roll people in my class rooms in college who only play online games or Facebook the whole time distracting everyone.


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