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Ipad For Art College Classroom


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I was wondering about the use of iPad for College level students. For Art College. I trying too come up with ten reasons it is good for College Art Education and ten questioning reasons. Any more or better ones is welcome. Thanks for anyone to add more or better ones. Cheers

Ten Good Reasons:

1. It is great device for changing the experience of what it Crit.

2. A lot off Apps are free for creating Art work.

3. Reading materials and instant look up with Wi-Fi or data.

4. Reading materials is cheaper

5. Great to teach Game Design and easy getting interaction on device.

a. UDK Remote and More

6. Sync for into computers with remote and controlling a computer (none Jailbreak)

7. It has longer battery life then some notebooks

8. Show demos or simulation of interacting apps

9. Saving materials

a. Dropbox, Docs, PowerPoint,

i. Helps saying so could saved it on iPad

10. Helps out students about the fear of Computers

Questing Reasons.

1. Apple shots out and becomes limited. Need to Jailbreak.

a. That will change soon.

2. Students get so used to using it and forget use of Computers

a. Other history in Medias.

3. Cost. Depends where you apply this.

4. Sets cooperate setting for classroom. Which can be argued

5. Has increased distractions in classroom

a. Which is the same with computers when they came

6. Can’t really create high-end of art work on it.

a. Coming soon. I guess

7. Not really good for typing. But can get keyboard for it.

8. Limited storage for different models. Depending on the media using for.

9. There is not any good or editing for video, 3D, photos and more

a. Coming soon I guess

10. Questioning the change of what the new experience in classroom for college. Can be argued.

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The iPad is a crippled, locked down device, even in jailbreaking it, its a convaluted process that limits the users ability to do what they want with the device. Best case for an art class though, laptop, photoshop, and maybe some video software. iPad is a toy to play games and surf the web with in my opinion. I have an iPad and an HP Touchpad. Neither are really great for doing art, although they do sell a bamboo pen to use as a paint brush for tablets, I would invest in wacom Cintiq.

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