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Backtrack 5 R1 Dual Boot Issue


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I recently attempted to Dual Boot BackTrack 5 R1 64 Bit with Winblows 7. Once Grub launches, BT boots just fine. When I try to boot to Winblows, I get a black screen asking for my Win7 repair disk. When I run the "fix" option nothing is fixed and the problem persists. Winblows will not boot and I receive the same black screen. The only way I can get windows to boot is to fixmbr and fixboot blowing away Grub.

Any sugestions?

Running Win7 64Bit on an HP Envy 17, attempting to dual boot BT5 R1 64Bit. I have plenty of memory and disk space. BT will boot and run perfectly. Unfortunately I need Winblows for school and don't want to have to reinstall all those stinking updates to Win7 and Office 2010.


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You could always run BT as a virtual machine. I know it's not the same but if the problem is persistent and you cant change it withought having to reinstall the windows partition then your best bet might just be a VM.

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I have BT4R2 dual booting on my laptop. I installed windows first, then backtrack on remaining space. I would say fix windows, then redo the grub setup, make sure you didn't miss something or overwrite windows bootloader.

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