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mysql prob


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Dude, PLEASE, I'm begging here.

Learn some decent spelling!

This is the BILLIONTH post of you asking some question without even the most basic forms of formatting present. Use some capitals, dots, comma's and all that good stuff so people can make better sense of just what you're saying.

It's been noted before and you just don't seem to care even the slightest bit, which, to me, comes across as exceptionally rude.

As for your 'question', do you seriously expect people to be able to understand what's going on here based on _that_? What does 'stuff up the forum' mean to you? That forum is a bunch of php scripts and some database contents. Did you copy the database before or after fucking up? Why upgrade the database when you fuck up the forum? What does 'does not work' mean? Errors? Can't connect? Grinding noises from your harddisk? Come on, kid. Asking a question isn't rocket science.

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I think the correct replie to what TomB said is: "Would you talk to some one like 'hi ive got a forum set up on phpbb.

and i stuffed it up but i managed 2 copy the data folder in mysql dir then i downloaded the newer veersion of my sql and pasted teh data folder back in and it does not work for some reason', the only full stop in the whole sentance been in the wrong place. Who ever you said that to would probably ask if you where ok, and if you had forgoten to take any medication." but I could be wrong.

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I have no problem with how people talk on the Internet, I have problems with people who tell other people how to talk on the Internet. If I understand what people are saying or are trying to say I will attempt to help them. If I do not understand I won't help, nor will I tell them to go away and learn to type/speak proper English.

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