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Hacking Printer Ink Cartridges


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I have a Kodak Esp 5 printer that uses black 10 ink cartridges. Recently I found out that the contacts on the cartridge is just a chip which slides out. Looking into this, the chip acts like a counter every time you print. When it reaches a pre-set limit, it disables the printer from using the ink cartridge regardless of the actual ink left. I was wondering if there is any way to reset this specific type of chip (Kodak Black 10) Or if I can buy new chips in bulk to just swap and slide into my perfectly fine cartridge so I can continue to use up the actual ink left in it? Even better, if I could buy one chip that has no printing limit! The cartridges are made in China.


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Depends on where it stores the value for empty cartidges. If its all done on the printer, then not really any way to intercept it without special monitoring device of some kind. If its a registry value or something like that, then it would be much simpler, but most printers these days, can work without a pc all together, so my thoughts are its done on the printer itself. You would have to either erase its memory of the cartridge in use, or find a way to send it a signal that represents a new cartridge.

They sell cartridge refill kits, so more than likely, it would be able to tell if you refilled and used the same cartridge and should still work, just not sure how they go about checking and resetting the values.

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i know what your talking about, i have dealt with this in the past, you are correct, some cartridges have chips that only allow for X amount of print jobs regardless if there is ink left, there is also lots of other interesting information about printers like yellow tracking dots


anywho it looks like your best hack for this printer would be buying a new laser printer. Ink cartridges are a rip off. You could be saving some mega cash.


"a high-yield 2,600-page replacement toner cartridge"

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