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Play more than one song with one link.


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The best way of doing it would either be using a flash audio player (should be googlable) or just putting up a m3u or similar playlist. Depends on what you want to accomplish. BTW automatically playing music on a normal website where you don't expect it is Evil, don't be Evil.

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if u want something like on my website (www.DLSS.be)

try flash mp3 player -> http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=Flash_MP3_Player

im currently useing 2.0 but probably going to upgrade to 2.3 :

This Flash MP3 Player supports streaming playback, RSS/XSPF playlists, various playmodes, artworks, color/size customization and a javascript API. Both the configuration options and support for database-driven webservices have been greatly improved in this update. Single MP3 files can also be assigned, resulting in the mp3player to jump to single-mode.
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