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Episode 6: Laser AM transmitter


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I caught your episode on CFH2. Where can I find a parts list for the laser AM transmitter?

What I was thinking about is doing something similar, but with infrared leds. My crappy BellExpressvu remote that I'm about to pitch has nice, strong leds for example.

I did not see much in the way of a parts list or instructions here:


or here:


It's been years since I have done any serious playing with my soldering iron :twisted: :twisted:

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How will you aim a light you can't see? I suppose if you have a very good quality digital camera (video or just still) you could use that to aim it.

Actually many cheap cameras can see IR... My mobile phone's camera can, all of the webcams I've owned could and both of my cheap digital cameras can...

Comes out real bright on cameras too :p

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I got all the parts for this toy. One problem though, I got everything ready and I have one issue. Any tips on disassembling the laser. I got the cap off and the tube off, rather easy, but I am trying to take the laser out of it's housing so I can remove the button in order to have it running constantly. I got the laser from thinkgeek so I'm using the same one from the show. And help would be great as I don't want to use tape to hold it down. I'm considering superglue if necessary but I don't want to Jerry rig this together. I want it to be solid. Any tips? Guys?


I should appologize for the formatting, posting from my phone. I know this is a dead thread but I am the resurrector! I got a new apartment with very poor lighting and my stereo and desktop are on opposite sides of the room, so I built a preamp and this to transmit my music with mirrors and prisms. I'm hoping for little signal degredation, we shall see. I'll post pictures of the laser show when I am done. Going through all the old episodes doing projects that I said I would do when I have time. Again, any help would be appreciated on removing this frakking laser from it's housing.

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I was asked recently to find a way to set-up a web-linked security cam for my brother and his housemate... I mentioned I new of a program (MrHouse) and the LaserLink described in a hak5 vodcast. I have d/l the plans for the LaserLink, and as much information as I can get for MisterHouse.... but I was wondering, has anyone else tried this? :huh: It would it be simpler to get AV cable, ignore the laser-link (for netw comm) and set it up this way, however my brother has set me the challenge to demonstrate my PHP and hardware skills. Ideas anyone?

The purpose of the challenge is to have webcams with mobile-ph access, and control. Basically, so long as they have IP and password they can monitor or activate the cameras...

I feel a little foolish for talking about how 'easy' it would be to set-up to my brother, as now I'm in the position to prove myself. :blink:

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