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Custom Htpc Project

Dan Solo

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Alright, if I can't find someone here to help me with this idea, it can't be done. I want to take a Mac Mini, not one of the new ones, but one of the older boxier ones, gut it and put the guts in an original Xbox shell refitted and custom modified for just this purpose. Will Urbina designed a MacPro comparable computer with an old Xbox DevKit model, it can be found here: ( http://www.willudesign.com/osxboxproTop.html ). If this dude can design a bad ass MacPro rivaling computer running 3 different operating systems, there is no doubt in my mind that this can be done. I'm not looking for anything nearly AS powerful, expensive, or wild. However, he did pique my desire to use my old XBox as the shell for this build. So what I have in mind is this:

- Custom Built Xbox case

- 2 or more 2tb HDs

- BluRay drive utilizing optical disc drive tray

- Controller ports refitted with USB 2.0 ports

- 2 Bilingual ports on rear for expansion via external HD/Raid

- Bluetooth for keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.

- HDMI 1 In/1 Out and Digital Optical Audio 1 In/1 Out

- Ethernet and WiFi capable

- Optimal cooling and breathability

- TV Tuner Card

- Powerful Sound and Video Card

- OS X 10.7 Lion w/Front Row

Basically, as long as I can watch my movie and tv show collections, listen to music, and anything else I want to do on my Mac without having to get off the couch or use my MacBook Pro, PS3 or XBox 360, I'm happy. I just want to do so in style. Let me know what you guys think, or if any of you know someone who can make this happen! Much appreciated! OS Lion is NOT an absolute MUST have.  But I want to know if I can upgrade a 2005 Mac Mini to DDR3 Ram, and can I upgrade the processor to a newer and faster processor without having to upgrade the MoBo.  The rest of the above are what I'd REALLY like to make happen in this build.  Please let me know what you think, I'd like to know if I'm just wasting my time and money.

Thanks for reading!

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