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Packet Sniffing Onalfa Awus036nh + Accesspoint/router Question


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#######Spoiler Alert, Noob inside########

So today I received my Alfa AWUS036NH card. I bought this one cause I was recommended AWUS036H one but that supports only 802.11b/g and my network is on n and I want to test and and teach myself on it. I searched the forum for some feedback and I found that it works so I ordered it.

so my question is, why does airmon supports only bg? Does that mean I won`t be able to monitor my N-network and traffic on it? or does that mean that I will use a different tool? Would wireshark do the job?

I am still only at the beginning of my 'education; on WiFi sec .

(I wanted to ask diff. question about drivers but I realized I prob. had only bad configuration of VM)

Also, does anyone know a good virtual access point/router that I can use to train and I can set it up with whatever encryption and settings I want??? I don't have any hardware one available and I am unable to change the one I am using to connect to the WAN and I have 2 laptops so I could still use one a s a victim PC'.Would Vyatta do the job or it doesn't serve like that?

I try to do a SecurityTube Mega-primer and I can`t really continue w/o an AP.

Or if I want to buy one, what should I get if I want to connect it to my 1st router and then I would want to use my 2nd AP as a lab so I can set up different encryption, etc. on it without having to change any settings (or at least not the security ones) at my 1st router. I thought I should get AP/router that supports DD-WRT but I read that it needs to be set to a same encryption ( so if I ahve WPA2 I will ahve to set the AP to WPA2 as well) Is there actually a way for me to do what I want to do?

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--band <abg>        : Band on which airodump-ng should hop

That is airodump but its part of aircrack as far as I know

and when I try it

Error: invalid band (n)

Also I found a cool tool airbase-ng which can be potentially used for 1st few basic things I will learn (it will stimulate the AP) but for that I need 2 cards that supports monitor mode and because I am unable to use ethernet to connect to internet so I can`t use a dual-boot on my Desktop PC cause if my PCIe Card isn't supported by BT5 I am pretty much w/o internet and won`t be able to download drivers for it. And laptop cards usually doenst support monitor mode so I won`t even try with that

EDIT: When you say that I should buy a used AP/router it sounds like it doesn`t really matter what do I buy ... is that true? I feel like I won`t be able to do what I want with anything

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I was thinking. Would Ethernet cable allow me to do so? If I buy anything pretty much? There are some good deals at one website ATM so it would be nice to know it soon.

Also, its weird to see some older APs/routers being 2x more expensive than some new ones and they pretty much have the same functions but the old ones usually dont have 810.11n ...

I really want to set up my own network cause 'owning' neighbors network isn`t that much fun. I will learn more by practising many stuff on my own network ( I assume)

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