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[Question] Could You Turn The Ducky Into A Yubikey Clon


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Just a though. Could you make the Ducky into a Yubikey clon ?

Thank you..

there are 3 "layers" of security:

something you know (e.g. password)

something you have (e.g. yubikey, rfid)

something you are (e.g. fingerprint)

I don't know the yubikey at all, but from what I see, it can be done

The YubiKey is placed in the USB port. The YubiKey is recognized as a USB keyboard so it works on all computers, platforms and browsers with no client software needed

This is exactly what a rubber ducky is.

With a simple touch on the YubiKey, it automatically generates and enters a unique identity and One-Time Password (OTP).

sure it could find a timestamp on your computer, do some "very important and complicated calculations" with the timestamp, open notepad (or any other app) and show you your secret code.

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