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Wich Dns Server What Areas?


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I was looking through some IIS logs and came across some client and ISP IP addresses that I didn't recognize. I tried to look them up in ICANN put only found that they are part of a block of IPs owned by Comcast. I wanted to narrow down the Geographic location of the consumer of my web service ie the client IP.

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Anything in the 10.x.x.x range should be local ranges, behind NAT. Not that the addresses don't turn up routable online from time to time(I recall a microsoft server exposed to the internet somehow few years back that was in root dns and reachable at a 10.x.x.x address), but for the most part, no one on the internet should be able to see someone elses network under those IP address ranges, unless they are on the same lan. The root internet DNS servers should not be showing them in their tables other than their own internal network if they use the same ranges, and that in itself should also not be viewable directly from the internet and only if you were on the inside network of the DNS servers.

Now, if you are a comcast business client and your business is hosted on the 10.12.109.x and 10.11.109.x segments and another business for whatever reason was put on the same lan segment as your business, its possible you might be able to see the other businesses addresses and reach their servers, but that would be only if they were sharing the same lan segment and subnet mask under the same network. For the most part, should not be able to see them, but they could in fact be the servers at Comcast itself, which might be reachable via a business account hosted on Comcast and I have seen that happen before.

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