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If your not interested in computers at all but want to move to linux rather than windows then go for ubuntu.

If your interested in computers start off with a fairly big distro which has excellent support but isn't too hard to get into.

I'll recommend Suse and Fedora Core.

As for information then you can usually find everything you'll need in the distros documentation, if not then have a look around on the internet by using your favourite search engine. There is plenty of information about, you shouldn't need to buy any books.

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I’ve been using Linux for years and I run Fedora Core 5 on one of my main boxes, as it makes a good desktop OS but can still be a reasonability good OS for servers.

It's a good beginners Linux as it will give you an idea of what Red Hat may bring into their Enterprise Linux, which will help you in the future if you plan on working for any large company, plus the fact that it's one of the easiest installs around.

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i am looking at installing a version of linux. i havent used it before but i have been reading around on the net for info and i am not sure where to start.

i was thinking of installing ubuntu.

can anyone recomend any books.

or any good information sites.

Ubuntu is decent. If I had to recemmond one course of action to you it would be to buy the latest version of the linux bible. Then install something easy like suse, or fedora core. Ubuntu might be included. Read along with the book. With a little bit of pointing and clicking the user interface is not too difficult to get the hang of.

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I one time asked tlm-project's webmaster which distro is good for starting. He said me he started on slackware, it was a bit harsh but cool for learning quickly what a Unix is.

I tried it, bought a book and now i'm still under Slackware or Zenwalk. Ubuntu as a graphical installer but i dislike it, and moreover i feel that the boot is slow ; but of course it has a lot of "user friendly" GUIs now for beginners, i don't know what's the best.

Well if you want to try linux Ubuntu is good, if you want to learn it, try another distro with a "hard" reputation (debian or slack).

remember, if you want to learn unix, rtfm, stfw and use the "man man" command.

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I'm not sure if your dislike was with the looks of Ubuntu was with the installer or Ubuntu it's self (perhaps I should read slower), but I personly don;t like the GUI installer at all. If I know I want to install it I will download the alternate install CD. If I want to just use it as a LiveCD obviusly I will download the LiveCD/GUI installer.

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It's me, my English is not very good.

I feel that the graphic installer sucks, and Ubuntu doesn't provide any killer-feature (and no root account :lol:).

I installed ubuntu twice, the second time i used "automatic partionning" .. i had no boot-loader functionning. I had bad experiences of Ubuntu and didn't find a good reason to use it.

Nevertheless i guess Ubuntu fits for "most of users" and i often direct people to it.

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