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1. How to make my own linux distribution based on ubuntu like backtrack?

2. How to make a .deb package for a program?

3. Any hacking resources for whatever type of hacking?

4. And also I'm going to make a project which is basically things which you carry with you everyday everywhere for hacking all sorts of things and I was wondering for a name and i thought why not Your Arsenal on yourarsenal.net and it's based on your feedback and that's why yourarsenal if you have any suggestions give them to me and also search for a free .net or .com domain

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Might not want to look into developing your own operating system to start out. Maybe start by developing for OS's already existing and get a feel for it before you try to make your own operating system. There are already OS's out there made out of users feedback/needs, make sure your not making something that already exists.

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