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[Question] Usb Rubber Ducky Micro Sd Storage


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I have tried to use 1 GiG micro SD card that i had . but the usb ducky didnt seem to recognize it! the LED was SOLID red.

are there restrictions on thw Micro SD size?


Chances are it's not the size of the SD card. It might not be inserted correctly. I plugged mine in once and it lit up red but after I re-adjusted the card and made sure the latch was closed completely it worked just fine.

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I found that if the SD card was not in the duck the LED is RED. Are you sure you had the SD card sitting properly? The SD card should not slide out when the metal door is down.

yes ! it is properly inserted but still have the same problem!! and its FAT32 weird!

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now my 256 MB card got corrupted for some reason! it contains random file names that wont delete. I tried formatting it and it didn't work either!

i also tried a low level formatter but same results!:///

Anyone knows how i could fix it?


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i am using a regular micro (sd to SD adapter) and i have a card reader built in my laptop! I just bought a 4 gig card we will see what happens

Just got two PNY 4GB micro sd cards with SD adapters on sale from walmart for 10.88 each. Work perfect in the ducky, they came pre-formatted fat32 so it was plug and play.

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