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Centos 6 Gui Issues


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I am installing Centos 6 on live box. I need to have a GUI installed for a few app's. But when I set the run level to 5 and reboot the loading screen sometimes stop mid load or gets to the end and never shows the login screen. However I can pull up another terminal login, I have looked at just about every log and don't see anything that sticks out. Also Ubuntu "Server" worked but I would like to have a similar environment to what is being used at work so I can fix issues a bit easier.

I have tried installing it on another computer and same thing, I have however tried it on a virtual box and the gui works perfectly. I have tried minimal, and the full dvd both have the same issues when booting to a gui. I have also tried different ways of installing the gui, right away when installing from the dvd or from yum. I have also tested the hardware, Initially I saw issues with nvidia cards online so I yanked the nvidia card and tried an ati same thing.

Specs of the computer I Tried

C2D e6600

2gb ddr2 800 pny

250gb wd caviar/120gb hitachi travel star/ seagate 80gb ide

ati 4650/nvidia 6600gt

Via c7d

2gb ddr2 667 mixed

s3 onboard vid

same drives as i used previously

I have also tested memory and such, I dont think its hardware since same results different boxes. Not exactly sure what could be causing this but would like to get the gui working... Let me know if you need some logs or pics of the loading screen. The rest of the machine seems to work, I can hit apache, ssh and use the command line.

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