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Predator Pt2 - Rackspank.com


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Ok well I have moved on to Rackspace the home of the rackers!! This campaign has totally been a complete bore I have found close to no amounts of fail. There is still some fail though. Since I am completely dissatisfied with the amount of fail I have found here from here on out they will be called Rackspank. It is so aggravating this has not been fun at all. We will start with the property and office security.

Local security I seen this first hand and it was great. Their security team knew when I was in their parking lot. They watched me come in the door. I had to present a ID and sign a log. I was escorted to and up the elevator. Then placed inside a office where I watched on camera. I took my interview. Then was escorted out of the building where security watched me get into my vehicle and drive away. The only fail I can say here was they didn't give me a job and still haven't the past 3 times I have a applied. I'm not edjoomecated enough, I guess Wink . Support system fun.

Their support system is totally hidden from outsiders other than customers. You can only access it via your customer admin page. So that was a total bummer.

While combing linkedin profiles of the employees. I have not found 1 company associated with a employee that wasn't bought and branded by Rackspank. They are obviously proud of their investments and have little to hide when making those investments.

rackspace buys otherhalf of openstack - febuary 10th, 2011

Rackspank buys Anso Labs, a cloud computing consulting firm who played a big role in developing the compute part of OpenStack project







Are just a few to name.

The phone system. Every employee has a direct line. So digging for extensions was out of the question. They can just transfer the calls.

Ok well this is boring. So I moved on to their chat techs. I coudn't use the disgruntled employee tactics. 83% of the employees love their company. Unlike Hostfail where only 50% like Lance and most are probably fabricated. There is one insecure item on their chat box but it turns out to be a small image. That is 0x0 pixels from MSN. Wth?

This wasn't one bit exciting either. I first started talking to Jayson I started digging and he passed the chat to Ray. Man I don't like Ray at all. He is to perfect. I can't win against Ray since he is such a winner he gets renamed Rat. Whenever he doesn't know a answer or is unsure of the response he says that would be better suited for a “support specialist” . He even gives me his phone number to talk. The chat tech asks for contact information in the event we get disconnected ….. too perfect.

Welcome to Rackspace. How can I assist you?

You have been connected to Jayson G.

Jayson G: Welcome to Rackspace, may I have your contact information in case we get disconnected?

Customer: Hey Jayson

Customer: my phonenumber is 3365009196

Customer: I was wondering do you guys have a support queue I can email?

Jayson G: you can submit a ticket through your admin page and that will send an email to the support team

Customer: There is no access to this service from the outside the customer admin pages?

Jayson G: no, you have to be a client to access our support team. What is it you are trying to do?

Customer: Oh, I lost access to my login credentials and email account associated with the account and wanted to email in my questions

Jayson G: then what I would recommend you do is call them directly at 18888503994

Customer: what number is this?

Customer: This isnt the sales or support number

Jayson G: this is the sales number but support would have to verify that you have access to the account

Ray has entered the session.

Customer: So I need to call sales to get my login creds restored so I can talk to support?

Ray: no

Ray: you need to call support

Customer: So whats the process before I start, so Im not confused

Ray: Support: 1-800-961-4454

Customer: Why did you give me the other number first?

Customer: Who are you Ray?

Customer: Are you the supervisor on the floor?"

Customer: Why was the chat handed off?

Customer: Hello Ray?

Customer: Ray???

Ray: im here

Ray: im here

Ray: here is my direct line 210.312.1188

Ray: call me

Customer: Does every chat tech have a direct line?

Ray: yes

Customer: wow

Customer: all 3000 of them?

Ray: yes

Ray: Smile

Ray: 4,500 of them

Customer: wow 8D

Customer: Is this the shift you usually work?

Ray: yes

Customer: Right on you'll be hearing from me soon. Thank you Ray

So I try the lets get things rowled up so I found a article where they talk about the employees being drunk. I was immediately shut down with a message threatening legal action.

Welcome to Rackspace. How can I assist you?

You have been connected to Rachel W.

Customer: Rachel are you drunk?

Customer: Do you have a bottle of wine under your desk?

Customer: This webpage says you do http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Employee-Review-Rackspace-RVW635303.htm

Rachel W: wow, thats interesting

Rachel W: but no, im not drunk

Rachel W: are you looking for a hosting solution today

Customer: So does Rackspace have a still in the back meeting room, where employees can fill their jugs with some good ole shine?

Rachel W: Rackspace does not tolerate abusive behavior or misuse of its online chat service, and must terminate this session as a result of your actions. Please note that Rackspace monitors all chat activity, and will pursue all legal remedies available against you if you do not immediately cease all such abusive or illegal behavior.

In the event that you believe that you have received this message in error, please contact us via telephone (1-800-961-2888), and we will be happy to continue discussions with you.

Thank you for visiting Rackspace. You may now close this window.

Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Shut down right in my tracks!! Bummer!!!

Man this is a total bummer. Were not getting any where.... Then I get to talk to Monica, she was 1 piece of fail I found in the chat system! I ask her if a website at rackspace gets hacked would rackspace take responsibility for it. She says “No” . That my webpage would be part of the Application layer. Whoa, shes a smart one obviously has a A+ certification because she knows the OSI model. Hell even I don't have it memorized by heart. But remember it from studying back 7+ years ago when I was thinking about getting my A+. So I ask here what managed hosting means.

Monica: From the hardware, network, all the way thru the OS

Customer: The software on the server , IE: wordpress would be server side correct?

Monica: No that would be the application layer

Monica: Software on the server would be the full LAMP stack

Monica: that is what we would support

Customer: So if the wordpress blog was hacked from a php misconfiguration, you would take responsibility?

Monica: No

Monica: Again, we would not be responsible of your site gets hacked

Customer: you just said you would support and manage the LAMP stack and the OS

Then she tries to sell me a dedicated server saying that would be more secure. FAIL.

Monica: If security is a great concern we would recommend going with a dedicated server

The agent is sending you to http://www.rackspace.com/managed_hosting/configurations/.

Monica: Our dedicated servers will start at $769/mo

Customer: what type of server did you think I was referring to?

Monica: When are you looking to have something up and running?

Customer: in the next few weeks

Customer: So you wont fully take responsiblity on your cloud platform? But you will on a dedicated server solution.

Customer: Are you saying your cloud is insecure?

Monica: With our dedicated servers you can have a dedicated hardware firewall if security is a great concern

Now she recommends a firewall for added security. Shes doing better. This is still a fail so far.

Monica: Our Cloud servers are secure

Monica: But if security is a great concern for your site then we would recommend a dedicated server

Customer: What does a firewall do for a php misconfiguration? on a attack comming to port 80?

Customer: ???

Customer: huh???

Monica: Unfortunately,Rackspace is not responsible if your site gets hacked

Now she changes the subject. Right move, monica is winning!!!

Monica: How is your site currently being hosted?

Customer: You just said you managed the LAMP stack, PHP is the P in LAMP

Customer: personal VPS

Monica: may I take a look at your site?

Customer: seeon.tv

Monica: Ok, I see...

Monica: What brings you to look for a new hosting provider?

Customer: Managed hosting.. I'm tired of hiring admins to manage my server for me. I'd like to outsource that, but I'm not sure if this the right solution. After talking with you. Are you being coached on your answers?

Monica: Coached?

The agent is sending you to http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/managed_cloud/.

Customer: Asking someone else

Customer: You just contradicted yourself twice in this conversation

Monica: This link will provide you a matrix of our Cloud servers vs Managed Cloud servers

Monica: in terms of support

Customer: So if I buy a plan from rackspace , will they honor supporting and mainting the full LAMP stack as said above?

Monica: Yes, we will fully install, support, and configure the LAMP stack

Monica: however, Rackspace is not responsible if your site gets hacked

Customer: if my site is hacked because of a php misconfiguration , they will restore and fix my whole site?

Monica: We do not touch the application layer which would be your website

Monica: We will fix the PHP if that is what needs to be done

Customer: Well if the root cause is the php configuration for the reason it gets hacked then you should ultimately fix the whole site. You configured it and manage the LAMP

Monica: We will not touch your site

Customer: Im not talking about the LAMP on your desk

Monica: Unfortunately, Rackspace is not responsible if your site gets hacked

Monica: Unfortunately, Rackspace is not responsible if your site gets hacked

Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Monica thank you for giving some fail to this article. It would have not been the same without your help. Next back to Rat. Rat the almighty god of all perfectness of chat techs. Monica and need to goto school of the almighty Rat. Bring a pad and pen and get her learn on.

Welcome to Rackspace. How can I assist you?

You have been connected to Ray.

Ray: hi there

Customer: Hey Ray I was talking to a support agent and they where telling that dedicated servers come with a firewall

Ray: yes

Ray: are you a current customer ?

Customer: No I'm planning on moving my services to rackspace

Ray: oh ok cool

Ray: Smile

Ray: Can you tell me more about this particular project? Just to get a better understanding……

Customer: Is this a HW or SW firewall solution?

Ray: HW

Customer: seeon.tv it's a video sharing site

Customer: HW nice...

Customer: What types of firewalls are provided?

Customer: Do they include string matching like the rules for fwsnort?

Ray: ok my role is more of a sale guide

Customer: Right on Smile

Ray: here to find out about your project needs and get you with a specialist

Ray: that fits what your looking to do

Customer: Is video streaming good on the openstack project?

Ray: so I will need to ask you a few questions to ensure I get you with the right specialist for your needs

Customer: kk Smile

Ray: ok

Customer: So I have a basic video site, it uses lighttpd for streaming and secdownload, it needs to have room for scalability.

Ray: ok

Customer: it runs on a lamp stack, and uses ffmpeg with lame support

Ray: Do you have IT resources internally to manage and configure the server? Or can you do this yourself?? Do you need us to configure and manage the server for you?.......as far as backups, OS patching, monitoring of the server, etc...

Customer: Well we are looking for managed support. That's what rackspace is popular for , their managed hosting

Ray: sweet Smile

Ray: if we are to be a good fit, how soon will you need your solution in place? Well to actually when would you plan to go “live?”

Customer: We are already live

Customer: We would like to bring it to the cloud but have heard rumors in a bottle neck in the netstack end of the openstack project. So it's great for general web apps, but not streaming lighttpd

Customer: id this true?

Customer: is this true?

Ray: that's a great question for the specialist

Ray: If I can just get your full name, a good contact number for you, email, and your company I

can pass your info to a solutions specialist…they will be able to dig a little deeper on sever details and get you pricing…..…

Customer: Secret, Victoria victoria98111@yahoo.com


Great Russell St

London, London WC1B 3DG

United Kingdom

+44.02073238000 Fax --

Customer: Do a whois, it's legit believe it or not. I'm Thomas Sanchez

Customer: I can be reached at that number

Ray: ok

Customer: Have a good one

Then I talk to Rachel another winner. She is up there with Rat. Heres our conversation.

Welcome to Rackspace. How can I assist you?

You have been connected to Rachel W.

Customer: Hey Rachel!!!

Rachel W: Thank you for visiting Rackspace. What project may I help you with today?

Rachel W: hi there!!

Customer: I have a forum that I would like to move to rackspace

Customer: I'm wanting to pick the managed dedicated

Customer: I would like to know more about the HW firewalls

Rachel W: ok, got ya... ill do my best to answer, and if I dont have the information i will have someone that does reach out to you

Rachel W: What is your question?

Customer: You gus can do that thru your computers? Don;t want to make you gus mad, you might strangle me thru my screen Wink

Rachel W: no we wont

Customer: Does your HW firewalls have string matching capabilities of fwsnort ruleset used with iptables on regular linux SW based firewalls?

Rachel W: we are here to help

Customer: That was only a joke Wink you said reach out , we are in chat Wink

Rachel W: oh got ya

Rachel W: sorry, im a little slow Smile

Customer: I'm slower Smile

Rachel W: So I dont have the answer to that, but Ill have a solutions specialist get it for you

Rachel W: can you tell me a little about your project?

Customer: Do the firewalls also have the capabilites to detect port scans and autoblock intrufers like the psad project does with perl on linux boxes in conjuction with iptables?

Customer: http://www.gamesforum.com

Rachel W: Can I please have your full name, e mail address, company name and phone number?

Customer: Dale, James james@gamblingnetwork.com

PR10 Ltd

33 Corn Street

Bristol, Avon BS1 1HT



Customer: I'm Frank Donehu, I handle these types of affairs for him

Rachel W: Nice to meet you Frank

Customer: Nice to meet you Rachel!! Wink

Rachel W: is this for a gambling site?

Customer: no a gaming forum, later we might move our other services over once we are satisfied

Customer: Would it matter if it was for a gambling site?

Rachel W: Ok, just FYI we can not host gambling sites, but if its just a forum that should be ok

Customer: Why not gambling sites? Location of the servers?

Rachel W: US law prohibits it

Customer: ahhh, well if no one complains can we bring it over? We will move it if it becomes a issues....

Customer: issue*

Rachel W: if its a forum we can help, but if its for gambling no Im afraid we cant help

Customer: well lets talk about the forum..

Customer: Can you answer the firewall questions?

Rachel W: No I can not, ill have to have a solutions specialist answer those for you

Rachel W: I am more of a general guide

Rachel W: so I just need some basic info and then I will have the propper specialist reach out to you

Customer: Can I reach a solution specialist thru the chat system?

Rachel W: No, only over the phone

Customer: Or can I have the proper specialists phone number to contact them later at a more conveint time for me thru phone?

Customer: convenient*

Rachel W: you can call the main number if you would like

Rachel W: 210-312-5000

Customer: Do I just ask for a specialist ? How do I get a specialist?

Customer: That number is not on the webpage what number is that?

Rachel W: You will have to give them some basic info, and answer the same questions that I need answered from you to get to one

Rachel W: Thats the number to our main office, however I typed a 5 instead of a 4, its 210-312-4000

Customer: Have a good night Smile

Ok so Rackspank 3 , me 1. They have a lot going for them in means of non fail. We cant access their support system from the out side. I get shut down immediately when causing drama. I did see that their SSL shows one unsecured item in the chat system box and it turn out to be a single image that doesn't take away from secure communications with their chat techs. WOW. These guys are on top of their game.

Originally posted on neworder.box.sk untill the database mysteriously became corrupted

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