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[Suggestion] Move Mouse?

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I think it would be nice to have access to the mouse, however the only practical use for it I can think of at the moment is periodically moving it to prevent the screen saver from turning on. I guess the keyboard arrow keys could also do this but I think a user is less likely to notice the mouse jumping around a bit as that can be "normal". So low priority.

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Kinda resurrecting a dead topic, but actually, mouse movement could add a lot of functionality to the USB Rubber Duckey. If you know the screen size of your target, and use something like the Logitech G13 and its internal Lua scripting to grab screen pixel values, and you full screened some applications, you could use any buttons on the application with the Duckey regardless of whether they support key combos. On the same token, however you could probably program the Logitech G13 to do pretty much anything the Duckey can anyway. I prefer the Duckey though, since it is a small and flash drive like poison pill.

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