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Super Noob Question About Wifi Pineapple


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As you can see, I am a super noob here. I am trying to figure out what I can accomplish with the Wifi Pineapple for a school project. I want to show my professor that these things can be done. I'm having troubles finding answers to my questions though. Please help....

I can't find a site for a diy wifi pineapple. Do I have to have the official wifi pineapple or can I build it from any cheap battery powered router?

Does anyone have a link to a diy project?

I'll have more questions, but these are my first concerns. Thank you for any help.

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What is it that you expect to accomplish with the pineapple? You should probably find the episodes of hak5 that talk about the pineapple and first watch all of them, they will answer your questions.

Oh good question. We have free wifi on our school campus but it requires us to put in our school username and password. My professor is under the impression that this is completely safe and I don't agree with him so I want to prove him wrong. Using the wifi pineapple would be able to find out these usernames and passwords, wouldn't it? This is all purely educational for him and I.

I'll watch the episodes in a few hours, thank you :)

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In theory it can be done with any router that supports an injection chipset, BUT you would have to custom patch drivers and rebuild it from scratch per model of router.

If you can find a Fon2100 you just need to flash it with the firmware after unlocking it (plenty on the forums how to do that)

Or you can try to setup hostapd + iptables to do the same thing.

There is also Karmetasploit which will do basically the same.

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