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Remote Backup Methods

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Hi All,

I use online backup services such as Attix5 for clients and for my business server, but I also have a dedicated server offsite which I use to run personal Exchange. I also use it for testing sometimes... I dont really want to use Attix for this as it is quite expensive. I have currently got a backup Scheduled with Windows Server Backup application but its only saving locally atm (defeats the whole purpose...

What I wanted to know was, whats the best method of securely transferring that backup to my local machine? (comeplete backup - system state and data)

What method would be best, but doesnt kill performance as it will still be handling Exchange?

Thanks in advance :)

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I would create an image of the server's HDD, as well as use backup tapes to transport the data safely off site.

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We find the best solutions is to run a nightly differential back up using a mapped WebDav drive and robocopy, in restartable mode. With Server 08 you can use webdave of https, or on older servers you can create a VPN and throw it over that.

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Externally hosted server, have you checked what backup options are available to you from the hosting company? It might cost a bit but they will be able to avoid tying up the servers bandwidth.

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There are a few new Backup Applications out there right now that support various methods of offsite backup. An example would be Acronis which can backup over SFTP. Depending on what your doing here is a cheap solution: Handy Backup. Good Luck.

I have had my experience with "Handy Backup" It is not a very well written piece of software. It will fill up your hard drive with logs. Unless they gave the ability to turn that function off now. But recently within the past year or so there was no ability to turn off logging so it takes up server space.

Michael Pratt

True Technologies

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