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Does anyone know any good batch file tutorials?

Mr Andrewson

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See... I'm only 12 and i want to get into batch... In the first 5mins of seeing how to make a batch file i made a batch file which would start my photoshop cs2 and firefox instead of me going through countless folders searching for them...

So i'm just asking does anyone know anywhere with some good batch file tutorials... no downloading just notepad and batch... anyone?

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As a fan of just using the basic documentation my tip is to start up cmd and then type 'help' which will list all the built in commands and give information on specific commands. The ones that you might want to look at to begin with when doing something a bit more complicated is probably 'call', 'goto', 'if' and 'for' which allow for branching and looping.

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Yes, PHP is fine for beginners.

Read that, page by page:


You will most likely have to setup an apache webserver, php and later mysql on your mom's machine (I think that was you, wasn't it? Hehehe..)

Have fun, I was a php god once.

I ascended into rubyism then *scnr* :-)

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Basic PHP and HTML go hand in hand, if you can do html, php will come easily. I was working on a website that started as html, but as the project grew I moved towards implimenting php code to aid scalability. Javascript was a bit more complex imo, but hey, each to there own.

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Huh do you get me?

I made a batch file on my desktop which starts photoshop cs2 and firefox without me going through my documenst and blah blah blah...

Echo Off

Title Photofox ( I made up this name =] )


Echo Starting Photoshop Cs2

start photoshop.exe


Echo Starting Firefox

start firefox.exe



How is that making more work for me now all i do is click a batch file and they come up for me... more work for me... *cough* 1 minute batch code...

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