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[Suggestion] Idea? Usb Rubber Ducky As Iso Stick

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If we have the ability to change the type of usb device the rubber ducky is then I wonder how we could get it to emulate a CD rom Drive. Then we need to come up with some code to make it read ISO's off of the microSD. BAM now we have the iso stick and rubber duckie in one package.


just a thought

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Ha, were you listening to Darren and I at DerbyCon?? That's EXACTLY what we were discussing when I bought mine, and one of the main reasons I DID buy mine. We'll need access to the firmware source which I know the Hak5 guys are working on getting to us as fast as possible, but I plan on immediately working on an ISOstick style firmware for it.

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There are a couple of projects which already have done this, I built one myself for working in a tech shop to replace the hundreds of image cd's lying around. The most complete one I can find is http://renosite.com/index.html

The project I followed, which was the original proof of concept for the one above used the teensy and costed me less than $30 to replicate. (I skipped the lcd screen and used a small sd card instead of a hdd which the new project does as well.)


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