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Must Have War Driveing Stuff


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If you were going to plan to rent a RV and drive across the country, what would you consider the essential war driving things would be needed?

Of course a laptop or net book or something, lots of caffine & pizza rolls, alfa wifi adapter, copy of BT5? ideas? Maybe also a special antenna to get longer reach? I am planning a trip and need some ideas, thanks

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An USB GPS receiver, so you can plot all the access points you locate on a map. You can also use NetStumbler to output the coordinates of the access points, to give you a rough idea where they live.

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Netstumbler, compatible wifi card and a GPS if you have XP(netstumbler doesn't work in Vista or 7), Kismac for MAC systems, and Kismet for Linux. There is another one for Vista and 7 but I can't remember the name of it and not sure if it does GPS data, only wifi I think.

I've got a little program I wrote years ago, that worked in XP to plot the output from netstumbler gps data on google earth. Required google earth to be installed too though. Mind you, it was written back in like 2004 or something. If you got a VM of XP, a GPS and USB wifi adapters, it should still work though. http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/Files/NSGPS.zip

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