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Sharing Files Between Virtual Machines


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Hey anyone have a solution to where i can have a virtual drive or some sort to share in between all my virtual machines. I Would also Have to be able to access this drive with a different computer on the network.

Here is a very crude visual representation of what i want

Computer--> Connects to a Storage service of some kind --> Storage service is accessible to all virtual machines that are running on a Proxmox server.

I've done this before on virtual box but it was a shared folder only between the host and guest operating system Seeing that this setup was different i was thinking of these options

a) Running a Separate FTP servers on one of the Vms

B) Running dropbox lan sync <--- Really unpractical

c) Setting Up a NAS

I have also read about proxmox's Storage model (http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Storage_Model)

I think this is what i should be aiming for so if someone could explain there recommendation it would be greatly appreciated !

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Just create a normal folder in the VM you want to share it from and then try to connect to it from another VM. Just like how you normally would if you were to share a folder between two physical machines, don't forget to set the security permissions too, or you won't be able to write or read information from it.


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