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Installing Windows 7 On A Netbook


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What problems are you having?

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The problem I'm having is that I cannot figure out how to get win7 iso onto a thumb drive using linux. I have seen instructuions for how to do it in windows but nothing for linux. What I want to do is dual boot so that when I'm at school I can use win7 pro and when I'm at home use mint linux. Is there a way to use wine to make a thumb drive bootable? I have tried unetbootin but it does not work with the win7 iso so I need some help.

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a DVD-Rom will help no end (even a USB one) ,unetbootin would've been my first guess ,another issue you will run into is that win 7 will install it's boot record and grub will need to be re-installed afterwards... according to http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/install-windows-7-from-usb-drive-requires-2-simple-steps/ , unetbootin is possible? is this a bios issue or is the usb drive too small ? is there a reason you wish to downgrade anyway? you haven't even mentioned what hardware your trying to install on is it even x86?

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My netbook is an eeepc 1005 hab from asus no bios issue that I can see and the thumb drive is 4 gigs so that should not be an issue either. I tried unetbootin cause it handles iso files,now I realise that was dumb. I just want to prepare the thumb drive,put win7 on it,install win7 on my netbook in a dual boot config so I can save some money.

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To setup a dual boot OS, you will need to create a second partition on your main HDD and use that second partition to install Windows in it.

How to partition a HDD in Linux?


Installing Windows 7 from a USB stick.


Creating a Dual boot system.


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