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What Was Your First "hack"?


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A little change of pace from the usual questions.

Mine was in seventh grade, I was in Keyboarding class. (keyboard typing practice)

It was entirely too easy for me, so I went and wrote a simple program;

that would get the words (we were using a program that prompted for the user to repeat what it displayed on screen.)

then type them for me, I then added a delay

so that I wouldn't have a wpm of a thousand. ;)

What about you guys?


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There was this game in middle school called "on your own" (I think...) You basically get a job, pay bills, and live day to day life. I just remember finding a plain text document somewhere in the program files and editing it to give me more money, and a higher score. Not sure if that really qualifies as a 'hack' but then again it was middle school...

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In 2nd grade our classroom had a computer. I would always finish my homework in class at the end of the day before everyone so the teacher would let me use the computer. Turns out I was just pretending to do the assignment, then saying I was done, and finishing the assignment at home.

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