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Ssh From Ipod


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I would like to know if ssh'ing FROM the iPod is possible. I've seen Darren's "Phishing with a pineapple" episode where he uses ssh or another protocol to view the log from his phone on the pineapple. I would like to know if this is possible with a jail-broken iPod.


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I almost feel that the whole "Unlocking cell carriers" thing would apply to jailbreaking. Or just let us do it and void our warranty if we want to..

Yeah seriously! We paid for the device! Let us do what we want with it! LOL Voided my warranty within an hour or so of receiving the iPod. mmmmm free hardware XD

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Above 4.3.3 you are unable to do an untethered jailbreak. You are however able to go above 4.3.3 using a tethered jailbreak. Kinda useless using a tethered jailbreak unless you carry a PC with you in case you need to reboot your iPod.

Also, some apps that include terminal dont work, or at all.

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