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Backtrack On The Hp Touchpad

Lord Mortus

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I've been trying to get linux working on my HP Touchpad since there are tons of tutorials on how to do it.. some sites even mention using backtrack, which I am interested in testing out. Unfortunately the only reference I can find are "just used the instructions for Ubuntu 11.04" well, that's fine. but the instructions are FOR Ubuntu.. unless I'm just not seeing something. probably have to do some linux guru stuff as if it were a full computer, but being new to linux (only recently got my Linux+) I'm still not that familiar with the inner workings.

So, since backtrack is a well loved distro on Hak5, I thought it would make a great show idea to show people how to set it up (if it's even possible) on an HP Touchpad.

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You need the arm version of backtrack and then follow any various linux/android instructions for putting it on there. Note, there are specific iso's out there now that have additional features for getting things to work with the touchpad. namely the keyboard functionality and screen resolutions. best bet for walk throughs, check the touchpad communities.\



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