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False Ad Hoc


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I've been playing around with a few ideas for exploits, I've done a bit of

research for this one but i need a hand with a few things, and i need to have

you guys nitpick it.

In essence, i set up a wireless Ad Hoc network under the same name as an existing one.

I attack the original network, causing de-auth's and the like, making it unusable to encourage

them to connect to my Ad Hoc.

They enter the Ad Hoc and use my internet connection to be linked to a 'hub page' that ive set up.

They are then linked to phished sites that send the entered details to me.


The question i have is:

- Is it possible to force the user who is connected to the ad hoc, to go straight to my 'hub-page'?

Would appreciate any help, thanks.

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How are you serving the "Hub Page" locally on you LAN or through the Internet?

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Locally on LAN would be preferable, but if not i could host it online

Once the victim has connected to your AD Hoc, arp-spoof him and use DNS poisoning to redirect him to a webserver that is hosting your 'hub page'.

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Sounds good to me, bit shocked i didnt think of that myself to be honest!

gotta start paying more attention to ARP, thanks!

May I recommend you to some of these websites. They are very informative for learning purposes.



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