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Hosting Isp On Vpn


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i m having some doubts...i hope i can get answer from your side...

i have a vpn located somewhere in india...and the VPN provider is same as my ISP...

for example my net is of Airtel wired line...and vpn providing company is also Airtel only...

i wanna know whether i m able to host ISP kinda thing on my VPN and host an account for me to connect net...i m not talking about proxy......for a proxy i still need an internet connection...

Coz latency of my vpn Ip is pretty much low as 39ms and TTL =50...

So is it possible for me to setup few accounts to get connected to net...and if yes then how...

i have full control over vpn...

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I'm just a bit confused, what exactly are you trying to do?

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VPS is in My LAN / Network...I can access that pc by locally...

I just wanted to use it for my internet connection...

i wanna setup somthing on VPS and by using some software ,like dialup or anything like this, i can browse internet...


[ I ]

[ n ] |<<------------ VPS In My Local Network But need internet connection to connect it as its gateways are different---------->>|

[ t ] |_______|

[ e ]------> ----> VPS Pc------> Dialup/Something like proxy thing ---------->---------->---------->---------->----------> My PC WITHOUT internet

[ r ] \______/ (I want Something Like This) |

[ n ] |

[ e ]<<-------<<<<<---------<<<<<<<<<<------------<<<<<<<<-------------<<<<<<<<---------<<<<<<<<<<---------------<<<<<<<<<<<<<<------/

[ t ] I wanna Connect to internet Via This Method


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Try using OpenVPN, it allows you to establish an outside connection into your LAN by encrypting the traffic.

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