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Python Mouse And Pixel Recognition Module


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I'm looking for a module that would allow me to write a program in python that can move the cursor and also left click.

I'm also looking for a module that can tell the color of pixels at specified locations

Can anyone help ?

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Sure, I'll help you write an aim-bot in python! </sarcasm>

But seriously, you're gonna have to scrape the screen, run the image through processing to put the pixels in an array, I'd recommend chunking it to lighten the load. After that you can search each array for whatever it is you're looking for.

In regards to moving the mouse, not sure. You could generate input and dump it through the mouse port I'm sure. Would be easier on Linux than Windows I would assume, but I haven't looked into it. Outside of that, I know of no modules for moving the mouse to position x,y and clicking.

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