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Advice/help For A New Hacker


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Hello everyone. I am Bundy. I have been watching Hak5 during my lunch breaks for close to a year now. The information I get from it really tickles my technolust. Despite this, I really know very little about hacking. Many things I learn on Hak5 go right over my head.

I was hoping I could get some generic advice and tips about learning how to hack and system security. I have both linux and windows boxes available, though am awful with linux.

All help is greatly appreciated.



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Keep watching the Hak5 videos, read the forums and if you are uncertain about something do what I do best research about it in Google. You will learn a lot more doing it that way.

That link Digip suggested should give you a lot of tips on how to start.

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a basic understanding of how server and client software work, i think would be a good start... for example install your first ftp server and properly configure your router, then have a friend from out side your home network download some files from your first ftp server...

google 'ftp server install tutorial'

google 'ftp server port forwarding'

google 'ftp client tutorial'

once you understand the difference between a client/server, things will make sense later on... (expression crawl before you walk)

i would pick a scripting language like perl/python/ruby... (RUBY!!!) i would go with ruby, i have a lot of fun working with sockets, learn how 2 computers communicate over the internet is very interesting and fun to learn... i could show you ruby example code for trojin/malware/rootkit Always lots of fun coding these!

get your self 2 computers at home and practice with netcat.exe (google netcat backdoor tutorial) you would have fun with this...

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I'm in somewhat the same boat as you. I can get what I need up and running (most of the time) but my actual understanding of what I am doing is quite limited.

What helped me to actually be able to complete the projects was learning how to use the command line in Linux and understanding the commands. Go on your Linux box and try to operate only using the command line, if you want to surf the internet, start Firefox from shell, listen to music, etc. After I learned how to navigate my way around in Linux and use only the cli I was able to take the info written for Windows tutorials and translate it to Ubuntu.

Theres two things I remember that really help, 1 is patience and don't get discouraged when something doesn't work. As a rule of thumb, expect it to fail the first time around. Secondly is make sure you follow every step exactly as explained - when it comes to most of these projects they are very delicate and there is absolutely no room for error.

With that being said I've become a hak5 addict. I bought a pineapple from Darren and can't stop playing with it, when I'm not doing that I'm testing networks in aircrack, and when I'm not doing that I'm learning ophcrack. My technolust has really taken me over.

Long live hak5!

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