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External Hdd/ssd With Iso Support


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Not bad, but I'd still prefer if it supported USB3.

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well I have one coming in the mail. I will let you know what I think of it when I get it.

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Ok, got it in the mail today. Did not have much time to look at yet (installed 80GB SSD and put one iso on it). The iso boot folder can contain subdirs. :) Looks nice and lcd screen is sweet. The little toggle switch on the side is made of plastic but looks like if you take care of the unit it you should be fine. Will post a photo of the menus later.

Please do man. I hate buying things and they not quite work the way they were intended...reviews seem promising, though. I would really like to see if the iso boot folder can contain subdirs since I would be putting several ISOs on there and not want to scroll for days.

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