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Hacker With A Familiar Name


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I was looking through some internet articles the other day and found one about a hacker with a name familiar to us. I hadn't checked how recent it was so forgive me if you all have seen it already and feel free to move this to the proper forum if I haven't posted it in the correct spot. The article is about a hacker, Jacob Applebaum, who supposedly hacked Tor/WikiLeaks and published a list of SSL-certificates on the web. Here is the link if anyone is interested in reading about it.

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Yeah, @ioerror is his handle on Twitter. As far as I know, there is no relation between him and Jason from hak5. I don't know about the wikileaks tor hacking, but I do know he supports TOR and does a lot of work to try and help people keep their privacy and works towards that. His actual site is - http://www.appelbaum.net/ And by the way, the whole list of SSL stuff, is in regard to the recent findings of Diginator who was serving up forged SSL certificates for google and the like. This includes certificates for people like the CIA and Mossad and was supposedly through attacks by Iran.

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