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What Hdds Are Worth Updrading To?

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So I have an ASUS G73SW (i7 with 8GB of ram). It came with a 750GB 7200RPM HDD and I was looking at upgrading it to 2 512 SSDs sometime in the future, and most ppl i know either have only tried 1 brand, or theirs came with their pc. Technically, I really really don't need it, i just dont like the fact that my system rating is only a 5.9, but i would like to see what others have tried, what brands they have preferred, and what size they would go up to.

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My current system has a WD Raptor HDD, and sadly that's the only hardware that's dragging down the system score 5.9. Preferably I like Intel and OCZ, they make high performance SSDs but price would be an issue for some.

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I've actually had good experience with corsair ram. Does anyone know if Hitatchi has taken their old IBM series HDD's and started a SSD line following the same architecture? the 2 HDD's i had of those were the only 2 that survived after i completely fried my last desktop about 2 years ago (i got the power supply to shoot out blue sparks)

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