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Second Wifi Network Using Same Gateway


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Should be easy, but I'm having trouble getting started, so if someone can point me in the right direction....

I have AT&T uverse gateway. Has 4 ports and the wireless network is setup.

I have a new Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router (WNDR3400). I'd like to create a second wireless network so I can use the N600 for video streaming. Can't figure out how to connect the wireless N600 router and set this up. Can I use one the ports on the Uverse gateway as input to the N600. Wouldn't I connect it to the Ethernet "In" port? Do I need a patch cable or a cross-over cable? Is it possible to set the SSID the same on both networks so that any device will pick the strongest signal?

Thanks in advance.

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Very simple, use an Ethernet cable to connect both the AT&T uverse gateway and the WNDR3400 together. Make sure you disable the DHCP service on the WNDR3400, or it will conflict with your first router.

When setting up the wireless make sure they have different SSIDs (network names) and they are operating on different channels, or you will experience interference or even drop outs.

Let me know how you go.

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The Uverse is strictly a router, or is it also your internet WAN device(ie:dsl or cable modem all in one with wifi and 4 port router). From what I was reading its the device that brings in both the TV and Internet connection from the ISP, so if that is the case, its the first device in the chain for internet, and you would have to either bridge the N600 to the Uverse, or assign its mac an IP from the Uverse (if it cna do DHCP reservations) then set up the N600 to NAT from the IP assigned by the Uverse to a separate subnet for the video streaming or whatever you wanted to do with it.

Draw out a map of your network on paper and look at the topology of what you have now, then think about how/where you will insert the N600. You might have to manually setup the WAN IP on the N600, as coming from the Uverse LAN side. Then whatever sits behind the N600 can be on its own LAN segment, essentially 1 hop behind your ISP.

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