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How Did You Like Duke4ever?


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No, it didn't hold the same adventure or "open" levels the other games had, all the events were scripted and not being able to hold all my guns was a bummer.

Even after they added the extra two guns i just couldn't stomach it, mainly because it ruined game balance.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I too gave up on it and this is coming from a massive fan of the duke nukem 3d series!

It just wasn't duke nukem at all... it was more like playing call of duty with a duke nukem mod/skin...

Having to hide for your "ego" to refill... fun idea but it ISNT DUKE! its a call of duty thing, why copy it?!

Not being able to hold all your guns... wtf were they thinking!?

Only parts i really enjoyed was the first part, straight into the previous boss with the devastators, good times!

and also... non-pixely BOOBS! :)

apart from that though... really sucked, wasn't duke nukem at all...

Such a shame really...

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