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[Version 1] Teensy Key Logger Ctrl Alt Help

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Hi, I am Shawn McCombs. I recently posted my teensy key logger post on hackaday (currently 1600 hits), and a few other sites.

This is my blog post if your interested.


So here is my issue, I have edited some stuff in the ps2keyboard lib, but I can not seem to get the alt and ctrl shortcut keys to work. I have attached everything I've done below. I need someone to take variable c1 from the get_ascii_code function in the keyboard.cpp file, and get it to cross over to the keyboardconvert5.pde file. I have no idea how to do it, I'm sure its something simple, but I did not go to school for this so I might have missed a few simple things.

Thanks everyone :)

teensy keylogger.rar

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